Paratech Pry Axe w / standard claw
A lightweight multi-purpose slam and ram tool designed to pry, enlarge openings, cut sheet metal and twist off locks and latches. Useful for automobile extrication, forcible entry, ventilation and a variety of rescue scenarios.

Telescoping handle gives slamming power to the claw without requiring another tool. The handle can separate and provide two tools or connect to the side of the head to provide additional leverage for prying. The head is designed for chopping, prying and pounding. The pike can be used to attack locks or for removing automobile window seals. The head also has teeth designed for pulling lath, wire and nails and a spanner wrench.

Two different claws are available: Standard Claw, for prying, lock busting and gas shut off, and Metal Cutting Claw for cutting sheet metal or prying. The head and claws are forged from high alloy steel and heat treated for maximum strength and chrome plated.

A proven performer for over 30 years.

Weight: 7 lbs. (3.1 kg) Length: 18" (45cm) closed, 28" (70cm) extended.

Vehicle mounting bracket: 22-000502
Sheath / Black: 22-000505

Made in USA.
Product ID: 22-000520